Summer School "Current Problems of Condensed Matter Theory"


"Dynasty" Foundation of Dmitry Zimin in collaboration with International Centre for Fundamental Physics in Moscow   arranged  in  Zelenogorsk (close to Saint Petersburg, July 4 - 14, 2010)  the Summer School

"Current Problems of Condensed Matter Theory
(Superconductivity, Magnetism, Quantum Metal-Insulator Transitions)"
School Chair - M.V. Sadovskii

The following lecture courses were presented:

Metal-Insulator Transitions in Disordered Systems

1. "Many Particle Anderson Localization" (
Lecture 1Lecture 2, Lecture 3) (Video),
Boris Altshuler (Columbia University, NY) (4 hours)
"Disordered and Interacting  Electron Liquid" (Video),
  Aleksander Finkelstein (Texas University) (6 hours)
"Diverging series in Quantum Field Theory and Localization of Electrons in Disordered systems" (Video),
Igor Suslov (Institute of Physical Problems, RAS, Moscow) (4 hours)

Strongly Correlated Systems and Mott-Hubbard Transition

4. "Hubbard Model: yesterday, today, tomorrow" (Video1, Video2),
  Daniil Khomskii (Universitat Koeln) (6 hours)
"Models of the Pseudogap State"  (Video)
  Michael Sadovskii (Institute for Electrophysics, Ekaterinburg) (4 hours)
6. "Moderm Methods of Calculation (simulation) of Electronic Structure of realistic Strongly Correlated Systems: from LDA to LDA+DMFT" (
Lecture 1Lecture 2, Lecture 3) (Video)
Igor Nekrasov (Institute for Electrophysics, Ekaterinburg) (6 hours)
"Bosonization of Fermions"  (Video)
  Konstantin Efetov (Ruhr Universitat, Bochum) (4 hours)

Superconductivity and Magnetism

8. "Superconductors with Anomalous Pairing"  (Lecture 3) (Video)
  Vladimir Minees (CEA, Grenoble) (6 hours)
"Magnetism and Superconductivity" (Video)
  Aleksander Buzdin (Universite Bordeaux) (4 hours)
"Modern First-Principles Theory of Superconductivity:Phonons and Spin Fluctuations" (Video)
  Igor Mazin (Naval Research, Washington) (4
"High-Temperature Superconductivity in Layered Iron Based Compounds " (Video)
  Michael Sadovskii (Institute for Electrophysocs, Ekaterinburg) (2 hours)
12. "Nonlinear Effects in Magnetism (Solitons and Spirals)" (
Lecture 1Lecture 2, Lecture 3) (Video)
  Aleksander Borisov (Institute for Metal Physics, Ekaterinburg) (4 hours)

Quantum Liquids and Cosmology

13. "The Universe in a Helium Droplet (from Halfmetals and Topological Insulatorsto Particle Physics and Cosmology)" (Video)
  Grigory Volovik (Institute of Theoretical Physics, RAS, Chernogolovka) (4 hours)