Garnet Bay, Verkhnya Sisert,  February 23 - March 1, 2014





V.V. Brazhkin (Institute of High Pressure Physics RAS, Troitsk). Two faces of liquid: between solid state and gas.  (Lecture) (Video)

G.E. Volovik (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS, Moscow). Topology in Physics.  (Lectures) (Video 1, Video 2)

A.A. Kordyuk (G.V. Kurdyumov Institute of Metallophysics, Kiev). ARPES and strong correlations.  (Lecture 1, Lecture 2) (Video 1, Video 2)

M.M. Korshunov (Institute of Physics SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk). Spin-fluctuations theory of superconductivity in iron compounds.  (Lecture) (Video)

A.E. Koshelev (Argonne National Laboratory, USA). Generation od electromagnetic radiation by intrinsic Josephson contacts in high-temperature superconductors.  (Lecture) (Video)

A.E. Koshelev (Argonne National Laboratory, USA). Anomalous proximity effect between superconductors with S anf S+/- pairing.  (Lecture) (Video)

A.I. Lichtenstein (Hamburg University, Germany). Correlation effects in nanosystems.  (Lecture 1, Lecture_2) (Video 1, Video 2)

N.M. Plakida (JINR, Dubna). Spin fluctuations and superconductivity in systems with strong electronic correlations. 
Lectures) (Video 1, Video 2)

A.N. Rubtsov (Moscow State University). First principles calculation of collective modes in correlated systems. (Lectures) (Video 1, Video 2)

D.I. Khomskii (Koeln University, Germany). Interplay of electric and magnetic phenomena in solid state: currents, dipoles, monopoles. 
Lecture) (Video 1, Video 2)