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“Garnet Bay”, Verkhnya Sisert, February 23 - 29, 2020


S.V. Streltsov (M.N. Mikheev Institute for Metal Physics, RAS Ural Branch, Ekaterinburg, Russia),
"Cluster Mott insulators: “molecules” in solids against magnetism" (Lecture) (Video)

V.E. Zakharov (P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, RAS, Moscow, Russia)
1. "Kolmogorov solutions of kinetic equations for quasiparticles" (Lecture 1) (Video 1)
2. "Analytic theory of a wind - driven sea" (Lecture 2) (Video 2)
3. "Poetry evening" (Video 3)

A.S. Melnikov. (Institute of Microstructures, Applied Physics Institute, RAS, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia),
"Superconducting spintronics" (Lecture) (Video)

V.A. Rubakov (Institute of Nuclear Research, RAS, Moscow, Russia),
"Universe before the hot stage (DGA)" (Lecture) (Video)

M.I. Katsnelson (Radboud University, The Netherlands):
1. "Semiclassical theory for massless Dirac fermions" (and a bit of topology) (Lecture 1) (Video 1)
2. "Part I: On Sergey Vasilievich Vonsovsky (1910-1998) | Part II: On measurement in quantum physics" (Lecture 2) (Video 2)

R.A. Suris (A.F. Ioffe Physical - Technical Institute, RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia),
"Bose - Einstein (and not only) condensation of excitons in low - dimensional nanostructures with disorder" (Lecture) (Video)

M.M. Glazov (A.F. Ioffe Physical - Technical Institute, RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia),
"Theory of spin fluctuations in semiconductors" (Lecture) (Video)

K.I. Kugel (Institute of Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics, RAS, Moscow, Russia),
"Inhomogeneous elelectronic states in systems with non - ideal nesting of Fermi surface sheets" (Lecture) (Video)

A.N. Rubtsov (Russian Quantum Center, Moscow, Russia),
"Collective modes in Hubbard model and the phase diagram of cuprates" (Lecture) (Video)

A.I. Lichtenstein (Hamburg University, Germany),
"Electronic Structure and Magnetism" (Lecture) (Video)

G.V. Shlyapnikov (Orsay, France),
"New tendencies in physics of quantum gases" (Lecture) (Video)

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